Bobcat Flat

Friends of the Tuolumne, Inc.

Bobcat Flat is 300 acres of riparian and in-stream habitat along 1 1/2 miles of the Lower Tuolumne River. The west section was restored instream for salmon and trout and the floodplain lowered and planted for riparian habitat.
Constructing By-pass Channel Placing Spawning Cobble
Lower Patch 4 Before Spawning Restoration Lower Patch 4 After Spawning Cobble Was Introduced
Upper Patch 4 Before Spawning Restoration Upper Patch 4 After Spawning Cobble was Introduced
D-8 Crawler Tractor Planting Cuttings Cuttings Leafing Out
Cuttings at Ten Months Bobcat Flat Extends 1 1/2 Miles on Left Side of Photo
Bobcat Flat is 303 acres of riparian habitat owned by Friends of the Tuolumne, Inc., a land trust. The west section restoration began in 2005 and the planting was completed in 2006. During construction 44,000 cubic yards of cobble was excavated from 9 acres of floodplain thus carving a bypass channel and high water scour channel approximately 2,000 feet long. After excavation, 15,000 cubic yards of cobble was placed in 2 acres of river restoring salmon and trout habitat. During 2006, 1,250 cuttings were planted using a D-8 crawler tractor that allowed planting them four feet deep. Results were outstanding. Another 1,200 potted plants were planted to provide a wide variety of native trees and herbs. Creeping wild rye grass was also introduced.

Funding was provided by CALFED Bay-Delta Authority; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, AFRP; the City and County of San Francisco; and the Stanislaus Fly Fishermen.