Waterford Percolation Ponds Restoration

Friends of the Tuolumne, Inc.

The Waterford restoration is approximately 13 acres between the municipal percoloation ponds and the Tuolumne River. The Friends of the Tuolumne, Inc. have partnered with the City of Waterford to plant the floodplain in native trees.
Pre-restoration--Only a Narrow Row of Trees Along the River Pre-restoration Aerial View
Example of Plantings Plantings in Winter
Volunteers planted trees along the river at Waterford Percolation Ponds and later 350 cuttings from native trees were planted with a D-8 Crawler Tractor. The floodplain now has the start of a riparian forest. Adjacent to the planted trees is space for planting oak trees (acorns). The California Poppies and mugwort are also re-establishing themselves.